2015 has been one of the biggest years for fitness bands, and this pattern is looking likely to continue through to 2016. With a variety of different brands, models and purposes it can often be difficult for fitness enthusiasts to know which fitness band is best suited to them.

It’s not just an easy decision of going for a brand that you have heard of or a loose recommendation by a friend, you need to look deeper into what the fitness band offers for you. Whether you want to track your heart rate, your sleep patterns, or whether you want to use it in water it’s about finding something you will make the most of and be comfortable in wearing.

To help you in your search for the best fitness band we have compiled a list of 5 fitness bands that we think are the best so far for 2015, highlighting the major features that are key to each one.

So grab yourself a coffee, take a few minutes out and let us guide you in the right direction.


Number One: Fitbit Charge HR

Why: The range of features it offers makes this an all-round fitness band
Battery Life: 5 days

Fitbit Charge HR black

The Fitness Charge HR came out to the public at the start of the year and has already been a popular choice of fitness band because of the amount of things that you can actually do with it. The Charge HR boasts a heart-rate monitor and can also display caller ID information from your cell phone to the screen of the Charge HR.

The fitness band will measure your steps, calories burnt and distance achieved, and you can pick from a range of colors which include black, purple, teal, and orange.

• OLED display will show daily stats
• Heart rate monitoring
• Caller ID
• Selection of colors
• Great for beginners
• No GPS tracking
• No Music Control
• No Text Notifications

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Number Two: Fitbit Flex

Why: A simple and basic water-resistant fitness band, ideal for beginners
Battery Life: 5-7 days

fitbit flex slate

The Fitbit Flex pops up at number two in our best fitness band countdown. The Flex was released in 2013 and since then there have been a few upgrades which is great news for those who are looking to start using a fitness band for the very first time as the price has dropped substantially.

If you are looking for a water-resistant fitness band that doesn’t necessarily have a ton of features (such as heart rate monitoring), then this one is ideal for you. It tracks movement 24 hours per day including your sleeping routines, steps taken and battery level.

Just don’t wear the device if you are swimming, only while showering after a workout.

• Stylish design that is water-resistant
• Tracks cals, steps and distance
• Silent wake alarm
• Sleep tracking
• Inexpensive compared to other fitness bands

• No GPS tracking
• No Clock
• No Heart-Rate Monitor
• No Music Control
• No Text Notifications

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Number Three: Jawbone UP24

Why: Very stylish design, basic features, great price
Battery Life: 7 days

Jawbone UP24 orange

If price is something that you look at most when buying a fitness band then the Jawbone UP24 comes in at cheaper than most fitness bands, but offers great goal setting options with a long battery life. It doesn’t have a screen which will put a lot of people off, but it does do a great job of capturing data and displaying it to view in the app on your smartphone.

The Jawbone UP24 will provide plenty of motivation for beginners looking to take control of their lifestyle, as well as tracking their sleep patterns.

• Very stylish design
• Good selection of colors
• Water-proof
• Motivational
• Ideal for beginners

• No heart rate tracking
• No screen
• Lacks a lot of features

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Number Four: Fitbit Surge

Why: Ideal for those who take part in multi-sports and want a feature-packed fitness band
Battery Life: 7 days

Fitbit Surge Black

If you are a keen health enthusiast who wants a fitness band that covers everything from running through to cycling, and call ID through to text messages then this is the ultimate fitness band. It does stack up as one of the more costly gadgets but if you intend to use every feature on it then it is an investment well made.

The general design of this looks like it could fall into the smart watch category as includes a full screen, heart-rate monitor and utilizes GPS which means you can track pace elevation and distance quite easily.

• Caller ID
• Text Notifications
• Music Control
• Nice large screen

• Looks like a smart watch
• Very expensive when compared to other fitness band
• No sleep phase tracking

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Number Five: Misfit Shine

Why: Ideal for those who want to track sleep patterns and steps
Battery Life: 180 days

Misfit Shine Front

The Misfit Shine is an altogether different looking fitness band which doesn’t have a screen but does have a watch face that lights up with small LEDs. The watch can be synced with your smartphone through an app, which then allows data to be tracked on your phone for analysis.

This band is really for those who have somewhat of an interest in getting fit but aren’t fully into the fitness scene. It definitely excels in its sleep tracking though, providing detailed insight into your sleeping routine. It knows when you have feel asleep which means you are going to get accurate data.

Compared to other devices this fitness band is fairly cheap and comfortable to wear.

• Long battery life of 180 days
• Best sleep tracker on the market
• Stylish and lightweight design
• Water proof

• No display
• No heart rate monitor
• No GPS
• No Caller ID

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We have listed the top 5 best fitness bands for 2015 here, in the hope that you find one that best suits your needs. Whether you are looking for something that does everything from tracking to displaying texts, or a simple sleep tracker and step counter, it is worth reading our in-depth reviews of each fitness band to get a better understanding of the benefits they hold.

Above all, enjoy yourself and start checking out that data!