was started by a fitness enthusiast who wanted to help readers in making an informed decision when purchasing a fitness tracker.

With a market that is saturated by fitness bands consumers can often be confused about what fitness band will best suit their requirements, and this site and my expert knowledge and experience in the industry will aim to help make that decision much easier, by providing reviews and comparisons, in an on-going project.

Fitness Bands Reviews: Explained

The site itself offers in-depth reviews on current market leading trackers, in an effort to provide detailed information on every aspect of a fitness tracker. For each new tracker launch, a new review will be published.

Each review on the site looks at such elements as:
• The look and feel of the fitness tracker
• The performance and features of the fitness tracker
• The interface of the fitness tracker
• The final thoughts/Summary of the fitness tracker

With each review, there is also a final overall rating that has been scored out of 5 stars; the reader can then compare this rating to other reviews that have been featured on the site.

For those short on time, there is also a pros and cons round-up at the bottom of each review you will see on the site.

Bringing You The Latest News & Guides

In the blog section of the site you will be able to stay on top of any latest breaking news from the fitness tracker world, whether that’s new releases, future releases or delays in product launches – everything will be covered by the team, so rest assured that we can be your first port of call for important stories.

As well as news stories and reports, you will also find guides and advice that will help you in everything from choosing a tracker, to operating it and much more.

If it’s about fitness trackers, you’re in the right place.