The fitness band market is full swing at the moment with plenty of manufacturers looking to create the best wearable, and with so many to choose from Moov Now may have just unleashed one of the best we have seen, and for $100.

The Moov Now will provide its owner with 6 months of battery life, real-time coaching feedback and can be used for activities such as swimming, cardio workouts, and even boxing.  It’s the time coaching feature that really has us excited though, because even the big guns out there can’t offer this feature to its users.

Real-Time Coaching

To give you a bit of detail on the coaching feature, we wanted to take a further look into how this can be beneficial to you in your workouts. Whether you have the Moov Now strapped to your ankle whilst using the run and walk program or on your wrist while boxing, the Moov Now will offer feedback into your ear buds telling you to step quicker, push off the ground more, or to slow down.

For most fitness fanatics this genius feature could make all the difference to how they work out.

If boxing is your bag of tricks then you can benefit from the Moov app display icons which will coach you in a shadow-boxing style routine.

What’s Different from the Moov?

The original fitness band from Moov only offered 24 hour battery life, where the Moov Now comes with 6 months so you don’t have to panic about your battery dying mid-workout anymore.  This is because the Moov Now uses a standard watch battery rather than a battery that you would need to charge up.

The processor is faster, Bluetooth is better and the design is much more stylish with breathable air pockets that run around the full design. This nifty little addition makes the band more comfortable to wear during night times and when you are working out.

The Moov Now has a special pre-order price of $60 and is available in Blue, White, Red and Black. You can preorder Moov Now on the official web page.